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Raftaar & Pritam - Dhaakad (From Dangal)

Ringtone Raftaar & Pritam - Dhaakad (From Dangal) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This mesmerizing ringtone, written and produced by the renowned Raftaar and Pritam, is truly a boon to the music industry. It elegantly combines the compendious sounds of contemporary and traditional aspects of music, without sacrificing its raison d'etre- captivating the listener. In this track we are exposed to the beauteous nuances of an extensive array of instruments, such as percussion, stringed instruments, piano and harmonica, to name a few. Strategically placed within this composition are magnificent, mellifluent lyrics.

The main draw of this marvellous anthem is its originality. It is simply brimming with energy and completely defies musical conventions. It strikes a perfect balance between opulence and homeliness, seamlessly amalgamating classical and urban genres. This zingy number is sure to invigorate the most sedentary of minds, with its heartfelt, anthemic chorus guaranteed to reverberate long after its conclusion.

The crowning glory of this enthralling tune is undoubtedly its sanguine ambiance. It promotes an upbeat, jubilant disposition, lifting the spirits and provoking exuberant foot-tapping and aura of ebullience. Whether it is the ingenious usage of syncopation or the delightful pauses and rests at the end of phrases, this ringtone is palpably indicative of the sheer finesse of Raftaar and Pritam.

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