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Yanni - Rainmaker (Live)

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Yanni's tranquil yet stirring ode to the life-giving power of precipitation, «Rainmaker,» is a masterful evocation of the fragile beauty of the natural world. It employs subtle, plangent guitar lines infused with an ethereal refrain of strings and nocturnal pianism to create a soundscape which mimics Sun Ra's interstellar jazz. Rippling woodwinds and shimmering percussion latently pace the glacial tempo as Yanni's lush, emotive voice cries out plaintively and reminds us of our own insignificance in the cosmic order.

For the dedicated fan of Yanni and those seeking the perfect ringtone, «Rainmaker» is an atmospheric and transformative experience. The live version, performed with ace musicians on an expansive panorama of world instruments, features intoxicating variations of the original studio arrangement. Uptempo tempi and splashy brass refrains fuse with melodic flutes and interlocking percussion as Yanni's mesmeric invocation provides the soundtrack for a vivid, verdant dreamscape.

Whether sampled in near silence or blasted from the loudest amplifier, Yanni's «Rainmaker» is an ingenious marriage of genres that calls to mind the peaceful splendor of sun-drenched afternoons within groves and meadows. The beauty of this sonic balm lies in its ability to soothe the spirit and recall a simpler time, providing a serene oasis in a modern world filled with too much chaos and turbulence.

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