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Ric Hassani - Only You

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The trend of Ric Hassani's new hit single, «Only You,» is nothing short of grandiosity. With an ebullient piano quintet and a passionate melody, the soothing vocals parallel an aural masterpiece. Glorified chords and a an enigmatic lead from Hassani make this artful exposition the resplendent choice for the discerning listener.

This exhilarating ringtone will undoubtedly leave you immured in its delicacy and mystique. The versatility of allowing oneself to break out of the norm and dive into the beauteous heart of this tantalizing piece is captivating beyond words. The allusive artistry imparts an impression of enthusiasm while the calming cadence adds an element of allurement.

For a tasteful sound that deviates from the monotony of traditional tunes, Hassani's «Only You» is the impeccable, yet hued choice. Imbued with clarity and reverberation, any sensible soul will find themselves enamored with the profundity of this potent sonority.

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