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Foreigner - Juke Box Hero

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This vintage classic hit «Juke Box Hero» by Foreigner is a hard-rock anthem for those among us who truly crave the light of fame, adventure, and a certain effervescence of rebellion. With a relentless guitar riff that drives the song and greets the ear with a salutary declaration of rock style, this distinctive ringtone will be a delightful salutation that marks one's foray into the capricious world of modern technology.

Offering a strong and resonant voice of the spirit that only classic hard rock can convey, the audible ecstasy from this buoyant ringtone is sure to bring a sublime mien to any setting. Ultimately, these iconic four minutes of musical genius will bring to life any dull surface, allowing the listener to embrace their inner maverick as they answer the call of each incoming call.

This antediluvian sonic reminder is the most sophisticated way of conveying one's inclination for adventure and risk-taking. Whether it be the sound of a jukebox hero roaring from one's pocket or the faintest whisper of freedom while merely vibrating on the desk, Foreigner's classic will ensure the possessor of its exclusive use is never found wanting in their desire to stand out and break the mold.

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