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Rachid Taha & Khaled - Ya Rayah

Ringtone Rachid Taha & Khaled - Ya Rayah for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This miraculous ringtone composed by the two repertoires Rachid Taha and Khaled brings a kaleidoscopic amount of joy and rapture to all its listeners. With its intricate, beguiling flamboyance the chords radiate a scintillating melody that is unmistakably transporting. It combines the dynamics of both Taha and Khaled's styles, resulting in an effervescent combination of symphonic vibes, an emotional cornucopia that would satiate the most voracious of appetites.

The solemn, melancholic tones augmented with the sizzling highnotes, yield a poignant narrative that can bring one closer to the spiritual elements of existence. One could construe majestic mountains of words to describe the phantasmagorical experience it provides, but one can be fairly certain that such poetic attempts would pale in comparison to the elysian experience of hearing it.

The divinely formulated ringtone is testament to the feats of two of the world's most talented musicians, unmindful of geographical boundaries, creating a brimming bequest of musical treasure. This amalgam of ingenious musical dexterity, is certainly sure to rouse and stimulate your auditory pathways and make you heart reverberate with its captivating timbre.

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