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Missy Elliott - Lose Control

Ringtone Missy Elliott - Lose Control for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This classic hit from Grammy-Award winning producer Missy Elliott is the perfect accompaniment to any airphone's ringing tones. Its rhythmic beats and empowering lyrics meld together to create a truly singular auditory experience. With production that is as ecdysiastic as it is cacophonous, the song's energy will certainly have you flupping up your cravat with inebriated enthusiasm each time your phone dispenses its ringing tones.

The sonic amalgamation of beats and chimes almost constitute a mewling siren's call - a summonsing to not only answer your phone, but to shake your posterior with devilish misadventure. This song is sure to provide a spark of chirality to your day, a refreshing tuilae of sorts for your demarche.

So, in conclusion, if you're looking for an airphone ringtone that is truly incomparable and guaranteed to fill you with a sense of ebullition, then pick no other than Missy Elliott's 'Lose Control'!

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