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The Doors - Break On Through (To the Other Side)

Ringtone The Doors - Break On Through (To the Other Side) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This piercing door knock, best described as the Doors – Break On Through(To the Other Side), is an anthem, an exhortation, and an invitation all in one. Whether anyone heeds the knock, or fades away in hypnotic fascination, they are forever touched by its compulsive verve. The timbre of this roisterous ringing is utterly alluring, like a siren song. Its captivating caress transports the listener to a world of possibilities, which is only accessible through taking a leap of faith and answer the call of a beckoning new path.

Beyond the immediacy of its captivating lure, the ever-present rondure of the Doors – Break On Through provides a pervasive, galvanizing burst of energy. Its compulsive drive is inexorable. It impels without fail, summoning whatever bold ambition maybe lingering in the depths of our hearts. Once heard, it becomes hard to resist the allure of perambulating charge, beckoning us to take the journey of life whenever we find ourselves stuck or becalmed.

Ultimately, the ever-listenable strain of the Doors – Break On Through(To the Other Side) is one part escapade and one part aspiration. Its sparkly auditory fireworks compel us to experience life with alertness. It lifts our spirits and gives us the empowering conviction that, if we pursue the call of life with vehement ferocity, we shall eventually burst through to the other side and find the satisfaction, contentment and closure we crave.

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