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Shashwat Sachdev - New India

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The refreshing new ringtone «New India» by Shashwat Sachdev is an audile panoramic of India's cultural and social tapestry. The alluring tones found within the composition offer a spirited paean to a country dynamic in flux. This anthem-like orchestration of traditional and modern Indian instruments makes it ideal for anyone wishing to announce their presence with a statement of pride.

The melodic movements within the composition are reminiscent of those found in Carnatic-style classical Indian music, which features various string and wind instruments. Yet, with the inclusion of hip-hop and trap elements, modern Western music reverberates throughout with an energetic tempo. These lasting cadences give an effervescent soundtrack to its subject matter – New India – and perhaps even hint at its destiny.

Captivating and resolutely optimistic, this vivacious ringtone connotes a new dawn that India has embarked upon: an era of citizenship and dignity for all; an era of progress, enlightenment and transformation. It is an inspiring reminder that the vibrant future of the Subcontinent is an ongoing journey for us all.

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