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The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love

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The Darkness' «I Believe in a Thing Called Love» is a remarkable bit of unabashed romanticism that only further serves as testament to the band's erudite and inherently unique acoustic palette. With its artfully crafted melodies, this ringtone serves to provide even the most sophisticated listener's ears with a delightful arpeggio of auditive reverie. The eminently infinitesimal precision which accompanies each and every resonant staccato is arresting in its own right, and serves as a formidable reminder of the band's unfettered musical inventiveness.

Coupled with the song's poetic lyrical leitmotif, this ringtone stands as a sterling example of The Darkness' indisputable vocal virtuosity. The wonderfully effusive and spirited refrain of «I believe in a thing called love» that is employed throughout the composition is not only overflowing with exuberance, but suffused with a vibrant sense of poignancy that is simply irresistible. Such powerful rhetoric allows for this ringtone to achieve an oddly transcendent resonance; one which is sure to elevate even the dullest commutes of daily life.

The vigor and earnestness this ringtone exudes cannot be understated. Whether serenading our ears with a copious amount of piquant strings, or casting a soulful celebratory hymn of love, this remarkable composition is sure to supplement our lives with a balmy accompaniment of aural pleasure. For as its title might suggest, this ringtone is in every sense of the phrase a thing of sheer jubilation.

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