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Mehdi Yarrahi - Azan

Ringtone Mehdi Yarrahi - Azan for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This entrancing melody, composed by the masterful Mehdi Yarrahi, encapsulates what one may refer to as the sonic essence of divine prayer. Drawing from the traditional azan call from the Iranian city of Isfahan, this unforgettable ringtone is truly a tour de force.

Yarrahi's composition is remarkable in its ability to integrate a plethora of sonic elements into the piece. Notably, the ringtone features a delightful blend between contemporary electronica, which allows the azan to effectively reach the modern world, and traditional Iranian instruments. The introduction of the ringtone features a melifluous mixture of several instruments such as the tar, santoor and ney.

Culminating in a robust azan, invoking the beauty of prayer, this mesmerizing ringtone will ensure that you never miss a call. Whether you are a devout adherent to Islam, a devotee of works of art from Isfahan, or simply a lover of music, this ringtone is sure to leave an indelible impression.

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