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Silent Circle - Touch On The Night 98

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This surprisingly mellow and enthralling composition, 'Touch On The Night 98' by Silent Circle, is one of rarest and most bewitching pieces of sonic artistry you will ever hear. An almost dream-like, wistful tunefulness that is saturated in retro vibes, this piece teeters delicately between delightful serenity and unyielding energy.

Recorded in the late 1990s, this piece incorporates the spirit of modern pop and electronic music alongside morsels of classic smooth jazz influences, creating a unique and beguiling ambience. For those who crave something a bit special, this could easily become a favourite.

The ambience 'Touch On The Night 98' produces is quite often hard to describe, but all can attest to the remarkable potency it instils, making it the perfect ringtone choice to bring the most tantalisingly blissful, zealous moments to those special incoming calls.

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