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Oasis - Stand By Me

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As one of the most celebrated singles ever produced, the timeless »Oasis – Stand By Me« conjures a certain je ne sais quoi unlike any other. An ebullient tapestry of sound, the composition blends a propulsive percussive beat, rousing strings and ubiquitous vocal harmony to provide a grandiose accompaniment fit for any occasion.

First composed in 1959 by Ben E. King, »Stand By Me« has achieved its current accolades due to the reinvigoration given to it by the seismic phenomena that is Oasis. Imbued with trademark Gallagher bravado, the track conjures up a harmony of elation and nostalgia, as well as a jubilant rhythm both cocksure and demure.

Thrice the length of the average modern-day ringtone, this rendition of the classic track is especially suited for those looking for something a bit more pugnacious but with an edge of finesse to their mobile phone's musical repertoire. Put simply, it offers both delectation and plaudits in droves.

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