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Melly - Butterfly

Ringtone Melly - Butterfly for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

More information about ringtone:

Melly's new ringtone 'Butterfly' is an exquisite combination of melodic finesse and rhythmic ingenuity. Incorporating elements of classical music and modern EDM, 'Butterfly' is an auditory feast for the ears of any music aficionado. The cascading strings and entrancing synthetic beats create a beguiling melody that is sure to captivate the listener's attention.

Beginning with a classical symphony of strings and synthesis, 'Butterfly' quickly shifts tempo with a funkified beat and mesmerizing chords. Though percussive and driving, the ringtone has an ethereal and beguiling quality that draws one in with its nifty transitions and engaging chords. The layers of sound create a streaming ambiance, providing a unique and captivating aural experience.

Melly's 'Butterfly' is a timeless track that effortlessly blends the contemporary and the classical. With its woozy sounds and punchy tempos 'Butterfly' is guaranteed to invoke a pleasant and nuanced state of mind. All compilations devoted to modern sonic whimsy are incomplete without this meandering and alluring ringtone.

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