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Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Scatterlings of Africa

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It is difficult to find a fusion of sounds as unique as Johnny Clegg & Saluka's 'Scatterlings of Africa'. It tantalizes one's auditory senses with its rare juxtaposition of African sounds and classic country music. Even for the uninitiated in South African music, 'Scatterlings of Africa' remains a majestic and truly unique soundscape.

Although originally released in 1988, the ringtone has endured due to its nuanced interplay of tempos and an ever-shifting juxtaposition of youthful gusto and mature wisdom. This is a masterful amalgamation of disparate sounds energized by an invigorating tempo, reminiscent of transitional lightning. All of these flavours are blended to create the perfect auditory answer to the questions posed by food faddists when exploring new dishes.

The ringtone 'Scatterlings of Africa' is a beautiful concoction, one which singularly marries the difficulty of understanding the shifts in beats and their respective meanings. It's a reminder of how, amidst the chaos of trying to understand the unfamiliar, it is still possible to live in joy and peace. This rings true for any and every time Johnny Clegg & Saluka's iconic ringtone is played.

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