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Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

Ringtone Capital Cities - Safe and Sound for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The contemporary masterpiece that is «Capital Cities - Safe and Sound» is the epitome of superior sonic modernity. Its delicate bubbly synths and unabashedly joyous bop-till-you-drop lyrics imbue listeners with an extraordinary amalgam of jocundity and levitation. As a stand-out soundtrack to any mirthful event or ordeal, this track is truly unparagoned.

Furthermore, its unrivaled textural complexity transmogrifies a shallowing day into a festive pageant that has no boundaries. The ingenuous lo-fi xylophone segments coalesce masterfully with the swoon-inducing low-passed synths; further propelling the listener on a sonic journey tethered only to the cloying embrace of the utmost profoundness.

As a grand exclamation point to any treasured memory, device-owners can set «Capital Cities - Safe and Sound» as their ringtone. With this sacred task in hand, they will be gifted with revelatory moments of exaltation that no other ringtone could vaunt of.

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