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Tito Nieves - El Amor Mas Bonito

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Tito Nieves' classic salsa track, 'El Amor Mas Bonito', is a testament to the amorousness of the romantic genre. The persistent pulse of the syncopated rhythm on the maracas and timbales, combined with the inviting piano riffs, encourage feelings of buoyancy and yearning-fulfilment. By adding Tito's masterful crooning, this ringtone effectively captures the potency of passion and emotion.

The passionate and upbeat melody of 'El Amor Mas Bonito' palpably imparts a sense of luminosity; its ebullience is contagious and is sure to brighten its aural-recipient's day. It's aptitude in awakening the most romantic of souls is sure to make this affresco of sound a favourite for anyone wanting to exalt their inner love-tender.

One can readily appreciate this Venezuelan-born artist's gift for composition when listening to 'El Amor Mas Bonito'. The bonhomous percussion section and Tito's archetypally-smooth-singsong vocal riffs are synergistic in miraculously conveying a snapshot of love and hope to the listener. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a ringtone that practically pulsates with passion.

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