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Leon Bridges - Beyond

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Leon Bridges' hit single, «Beyond,» is pushing the boundaries of what a single contemporary R&B song can be, allowing us to ponder the role of music in our lives. The title speaks to Bridges' expansive style, which suggests a horizon of possibility that is continually emerging in his music.

The track is replete with an exquisite aural journey: lush horns, divine strings and the supple, ethereal nature of Bridges' smoky vocals. There is a lightness to the rhythms, yet underneath the surface a coursing momentum appears and challenges the listener to consider matters of empathy, connectivity and fortitude.

The track concludes with the tender reverberation of Bridges' deep, soulful voice that is sublimely indicative of the entire song and, as such, is an inviting ringtone for anyone that wants to be reminded of the uniquely uplifting, esprit de corps emanating from this small masterpiece.

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