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Chris Cagle - Got My Country On

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Chris Cagle's «Got my Country On» is a joyful and upbeat yet profound and poignant offering from this singular and versatile musician. Nestled within the aural pleasure of bold banjos, ringing steel and soul stirring strings, the voice of Chris Cagle reaches out with unwavering positivity to anyone willing to put their trust in a four-minute slice of honest, bare-bones country music. To fans of this genre, «Got My Country On» stands out—a song that speaks of joy and pride for one's origin, and an anthem for those looking for a sense of self in this ever-changing world.

The ringtone encapsulates the spirit of its source music: raspy yet earnest vocals, with a bright and buoyant arrangement of strings and twang. Through the vibration of one's phone, the tune brings the cornerstones of faith, family, and the freedom of the open road to life. Uplifting in nature with its unabashed lyrical simplicity and country lilt, «Got My Country On» is the perfect anthem to rise above life's everyday struggles while maintaining a sense of identity.

From a more abstract perspective, the character and motion within this ringtone can serve as a metaphor for ever-evolving progress. Even when we are pulled in a million directions, one can hold onto the steady roots that define who they are. «Got My Country On» is an irreplaceable reminder of those universals, in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle.

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