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Passenger - Let Her Go

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Passenger's smash-hit single 'Let Her Go,' has been serenading listeners since 2012, and justly so. Its melodiously beguiling strains are sure to seduce the stoniest of eardrums, making it the perfect ringtone for any discerning connoisseur. There are few artisans capable of crafting a composition as tender and tenebrous as this. An edacious melody evocative of a complex and impassioned emotive response, its glissando of classic and contemporary alike never fails to ravish even the most atrabilious of souls.

The whimsically dissonant cadence of this genre-bending ballad creates an aural kaleidoscope of both poignancy and placidity. After the intro's sotto voce segue into the pre-chorus, one can almost palpate the mounting intensity. As Passenger's beautifully intonated tenor crests into the chorus, it's certain to make even the most stubborn smirk in acquiescence. The congenial combination of piano, guitar and Passenger's vocal dulcet is expertly orchestrated, briskly articulate and emotionally evocative.

Few things surpass the melodic plangency of Let Her Go. It's a manumission like no other, and is therefore libertinely recommended for all their discerning music aficionados out there. If you're looking for a ringtone that's as mellifluous as it is icastic – then 'Let Her Go' is sure to elate your auditory taste buds. It offers an auditory aesthetic befitting of Beethoven himself.

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