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Luke Combs - Hurricane

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Aptly-named, this recently-released earworm by Luke Combs, «Hurricane,» is an exuberant masterpiece full of clangorous chords and poetic stanzas. As the title implies, it is an ode to unrepressible emotion and exhilaration that cannot be contained; for life is unbosomed spirit, not a tempest in a teacup.

From the backbeat of driving drums to the jangling strings, there is something ravishingly tender about the composition. The refrain is something to cling to and deliquesce into, allowing one's heart to ablate the tumult in the surrounding atmosphere. To absolve oneself of the brouhaha of the everyday and revel in the ambrosial tranquility that ensues, is a virtue to be embraced.

Finally, this anthem of audaciousness reverberates an aroma of nostalgia, exuding its attitude of courageousness and camaraderie. It is a reminder that, through even the most tempestuous of storms, one should remain adamant and never cease in the pursuit of joy and wonder. Thus, Luke Combs' «Hurricane» is an ideal reminder to remain undaunted and seize our passions.

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