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Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

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The listeners of this seminal track from Ice Cube's third album, 'Lethal Injection', will experience a veritable freight-train of sonic bricolage. Blending funk, hip hop, and gangsta rap, and featuring a snazzy sample from Queen Latifah's 'Just Another Day', this ringtone effulges a spirit of creative effervescence and jonbar pivotality.

A cacophony of epigynous beats, shrew-like drums, and meedful synths whisks the listener along the sonic platonic. This phantasmagorical track builds up an aurally vibrant and novel soundscape. 'You Know How We Do It' sees Ice Cube guide the listener through a kaleidoscopic world of funk, soul and hardcore rap, complemented by an arsenal of airy keyboard snippets and zingy turntable scratches.

As these sonic concoctions come together as an aestivation of rap music, they feel like a quintessential homage to two decades of hip hop from the late 80s to the 90s; a symphonic reminder of lyrical bravado and Technicolor beats. Entertaining and vivifying all at once, Ice Cube's 'You Know How We Do It' is the bold and inspiring ringtone for your phone.

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