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Slipknot - People=Shit

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Slipknot's track, «People=Shit,» is a truly remarkable aural wonder for those who are keen to experience something jarring and evocative. This ringtone is a visceral avalanche of percussion and distorted guitar riffs, calamitously offset by moments of eerie tranquility, encapsulated with the sardonic laughter of its lead singer, Corey Taylor.

The lyrics are acutely didactic, a laissez-faire assessment of society's decline presented in a sinistral delivery. Like a sonic snapshot of a dystopian future, «People=Shit» scourges its hearers with its conviction and craftmanship, at once confounding and captivating the senses. This Ringtone guarantees to make an impact when setting off that next reminder on your phone.

Ultimately, this song gives permission for us to indulge our innermost desires and dreams, whilst causing us to pause and ponder the state of our modern day world. As one of the greatest metal acts of recent times, Slipknot has created a specific sonic realm for its outspoken fans, and this track truly allows one to feel as though a part of that colony. «People=Shit» is a befitting ringtone for those who are impervious to the humdrum and wish to unhinge the established order of things.

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